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FreeWater Box®

Cleverly designed!

  • Odourless and with a neutral taste
  • Not detrimental to health and environmentally friendly
  • Washable in dishwasher
  • “2 in 1” system, dimensions: 130/170/55 mm (or 85 mm)
  • Customised printing for 500 units and over

With its “2 in 1” system, the FreeWater Box can be used for carrying all sorts of things – for holding lots of stuff or just a little, larger objects or smaller ones - the volume can be adapted depending on your needs at the time. Try it out yourself! The healthy FreeWater Box offers universal, healthy and environmentally friendly storage possibilities. Change the size of the box by simply rotating the lid 180°. Afterwards, close it by pressing together the upper and lower parts of the box.

2 in 1 System

Simply take off the lid, rotate it 180° along its own axis, and put back into position - until the top slides down and clicks. Now you can even fit a whole apple inside the box! Quick and easy.

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